by Sarah Teran — 1 min read

Media Hits Round-Up: September 19-25

September 24, 2022: In a recent article from The Hill, Employ America senior economist Preston Mui gives his opinion on the Federal Reserve's plan to lower inflation by raising the unemployment rate. Read the full article here. September 21, 2022: Executive director...

Media Hits Round-Up: September 12-18

Sarah Teran — 1 min read

September 13, 2022: Bloomberg credits Employ America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve proposal for the Biden Administration's ability to refill the SPR at sub-$80 per barrel. Read the full...

Media Hits Round-Up: August 22-28

Sarah Teran — 1 min read

August 27, 2022: The Guardian examines Employ America's proposal adopted by the White House to stabilize gas prices using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Read the full article here....

Media Hits Round-Up: August 15-21

Sarah Teran — 1 min read

August 19, 2022: In an episode of NPR's Planet Money, Employ America Executive Director Skanda Amarnath gives his thoughts on how the changes to Medicare in the Inflation...

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