Sarah Teran

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by Sarah Teran — 1 min read

Media Hits Round-Up: April 3-9

April 8, 2023: Quartz cites a labor recap by Preston Mui in an article noting the particularly strong post-pandemic labor market recovery. Read the full article here. April 7, 2023: Executive Director Skanda Amarnath is quoted in an article by The Fiscal...

Media Hits Round-Up: March 27-April 3

Sarah Teran — 1 min read

April 1, 2023: Employ America’s piece “Let’s not confuse the Fed’s power with ‘control’” is included in the Financial Times “Further Reading” list. Read the...

Media Hits Round-Up: March 20-26

Sarah Teran — 1 min read

March 23, 2023: Executive Director Skanda Amarnath joins the Left Anchor podcast to talk about the reasons why Silicon Valley Bank failed. Listen to the episode here. March...

Media Hits Round-Up: March 13-19

Sarah Teran — 1 min read

March 17, 2023: The Financial Times recommends to its readers a recent Employ America piece on how the Fed’s failure in deregulation, supervision, and interest rate policy...

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