At Employ America, we’re big believers in tight labor markets. A tight labor market - one where unemployment is low and labor is scarcer, giving workers more leverage - creates better outcomes for workers.

The economy is a primary way that people become marginalized. When we talk about racial or sex-based pay disparities, about how unemployment for people with disabilities is roughly double that of non-disabled workers, about the workplace conditions that drive women and minorities out of their companies, we’re describing marginalization happening as a result of our economy

Understanding the current economic situation is complicated, but our policy choices matter. The economy is interconnected - interest rate policy can drive (or stall) employment and investment. Fiscal policy can untangle supply chains and prevent inflation. Our focus is to help people (especially journalists and policymakers) understand what’s really happening in the economy, and to demonstrate that the range of policy solutions to our economic problems is far wider than most realize. 

Understanding the full range of policy options on the table is essential for creating an economy that works for everyone. We’re thankful for your support of our work.

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To ensure that our advocacy efforts remain backed by long-term financial flexibility and independence, Employ America also offers an exclusive newsletter that includes updated analyses adjacent to (and not in conflict with) our publicly-available analysis and education.

All our most important pieces - from examinations of the possibilities of geothermal energy to analyzing how the Fed has changed in their policy approach - will always be freely available to the public. We also conduct a lot of analysis that informs our in-depth understanding of the economy, but which isn’t directly included in our published pieces. By making this analysis available as a subscription, we provide a powerful way to support our work while enhancing your own understanding of where the economy is and where it’s going. 

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